Helpful Resources

Free Service Manual Downloads

Sometimes they have the one you need, sometimes not, this site is worth a shot though.

Suzuki GS Forum

This is the ultamate forum for Suzuki GS information.                                                        

Another Good Suzuki GS Site (Basscliffs)

This guy has loads of manuals and wiring diagrams.                                                         

Do the ton

Not geared towards any one brand, this is a well rounded site with loads of info.             

Honda Twins Resources

All things Honda twin related can be found here.                                                              

Front End Conversion Bearings

AllBalls Racing has a search tool that makes finding out what bearings you need easy.    

Common Motor Collective CB Parts

A wealth of knowledge and quality replacement parts for Honda CB 350, 360, 450 and 550's.

Dime City Cycles

Knowledgeable community and parts to help make your custom dreams come true.          

Cognito Moto

Go to site for fork & wheel conversions.  Many other top of the line parts for customizing.

OEM Part Numbers and Exploded Views

The place to look at exploded views and find OEM part numbers.                                      

Air:Fuel Ratio information for real 'Moto Nerds'.

Get into the weeds on a subject most people don't think about... air to fuel ratios